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1916RE: [TopHive] New beekeeper needs help

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  • bill lorch
    Nov 2, 2009
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      Boy wish i had your problem: Having said that you realize you should move these about dark time. That insures most beez are in the hive. Also move the honey supers first an get them into your shop/ honey house. Than put a entrance reducer in place.tie what is remaining some how together, (cover to Bottom board),i recon you could use a wheel barrow an i would highly recomend a helper.if you have one or can get one get some netting to cover it for moving. It is best after you get them moved to leave the entrene reducer in place for a day or 2. Best of luck to you. Bill

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      From: willrich68@...
      Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 14:52:47 +0000
      Subject: [TopHive] New beekeeper needs help

      I live in north central Alabama and have just been given 2 complete colonies of

      bees in addition to 1000's of dollars worth of used equipment. My problem is

      moving the hives. They have not beed tended to this whole year and the owner

      says that there is about 200# of honey on the hives. I went and looked at the

      hives,1 is very active as of last week and the other is about 1/4 as active as

      the 1rst. They have about 3 supers total on each and maybe a topfeeder. They are

      located in the bacyard on a slope,no pickup truck access. I must move these by

      hand or with a wheelbarrow. I was supposed to get them this weekend but it

      rained and it was to wet and slick. So I have this week to prepare more and need

      all suggestions I can get. William

      ps.Does anybody use this group? Light activity

      Windows 7: It works the way you want.

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