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1855Re: [TopHive] Ant attack

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  • T.E. Andersen
    Sep 26, 2009

      A fellow beekeeper advised me that ants don't like to walk across
      copper. So,- my one HTBH (my first :-), and the only hive standing on
      legs at the moment) got 10-12cm strips of thin copper plate around the
      legs. There were small passages under the copper, and when I installed
      the hive (early August), ants started to enter it. I then plugged all
      holes, so that there is no passage without walking across the copper. I
      have not seen a single ant since!

      This is very preliminary. I have only tested it on one hive so far.
      However, the ant situation has been somewhat severe in my apiaries, and
      the results are so encouraging that I will do this on all my hives next

      Copper is not all that eco friendly, but it does last a lifetime, and
      bees can not drown in it. By any standard, it is _far_ better than motor
      oil or pesticides...

      Best regards,

      Michelle wrote:
      > Ok the bees are hanging on for dear life...
      > Anybody had any luck dealing with too many ants?
      > I've tried tanglefoot and water moats with minimal sucess.
      > Thanks for any suggestions.
      > MKB
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