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1749RE: [TopHive] 2 topbars

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    Jun 1, 2009
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      Luckily my bees are all behaving and the comb they are building is right
      on the bars so far. All my entrances face south, not sure if that means
      anything to bees or if that's just us two-leggeds looking for reasons
      for things.

      But Michael Bush's suggestion is just what you did - put new bars
      between straight bars and they seem to do okay at that point.

      I'm curious as to what your top bars look like - do you have a guide
      line, or guide bar of some kind?

      -- Christy Hemenway


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      I starated 2 topbar hive couple weeks ago. #1 a large swarm freind
      brought me and they started building comb like crazy, several bars first
      week ,looked great and straight
      #2 package installed next day,much slower and building crookedcomb.
      Tried staightening week ago and lost some off bars cause soft and tour
      easy. today checked again and still building crooked.cut some small
      parts of and staightened other. put a new bar between couple i
      straightened. would this be a good idea where ever i do this,hoping they
      will build new straight?roger NJ

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