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  • Rondi
    Nov 1, 2004

      I'm new to the group and to tophives. I have been tending bees for two years and
      currently have 10 langroth hives. I'm from south east Kansas, the gateway of the
      Ozarks, in my upper thirties and married with kids.

      I'm wanting to tend my bees more naturally believing unnatural manmade changes
      such as large cell size, larger bees and the replacement of honey and pollen with
      sugar/corn syrup and soy protein cakes are causing most of our problems. I think the
      Kenyan topbar hives fit into natural beekeeping. It all reminds me much of the cattle
      industry. A steer can be raised on pasture, grass and forbes, or in a stockyard on
      grain and in tight quarters. In the stockyard they will grow faster on grain, but the
      high starch diet undermines their immune system and they will need much antibiotics
      and vitamins before they are harvested in 2 ro 3 years. If you raise them on grass
      without help it takes 3-4 years for them to reach harvest weights. If properly
      managed with an intensive grazing system especially with animals bred for grazing
      and in harmony with the areas natural breeding cycle you can take a year or more off
      that and have a higher quality product then either with little to no deworming and

      My objective is to know this insect and what makes them buzz. I'm just beginning
      down this road really and hope to share with and learn from you all.


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