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164TBH in Serbia

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  • sasha
    Sep 11, 2004
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      First I hope everyone here is safe and all right together with their
      bees,since I have seen the bad weather situation ,hurricans and such in
      Florida and Granada.

      I have to ask a question,how could I check my two remaining tbh that are with
      combs attached to side of the hive?How could I find out the amount of food
      they have and do they have a queen.One hive is in ecellent condition,big
      combs many bees,the other is a little bit queit,but at moments with very
      active flying in the front of the hive,near entrance - it looks to me like a
      flight of young bees,but when I take the roof of the hive of and watch them
      inside the hive,they are to calm and I see empty comb ,no food no brood.Any
      advice from this description?
      I also have a third hive ,but its almost a very small nucleus with three
      bars,very good tbh combs.Its my only "succesfull" tbh meaning that they had
      made nice straight comb that can be puled out and examined.I dont think they
      can overvinter alone,makes me sad.I will probably combine them with the
      weaker colony I have mentioned before.

      Also a question for Scott from Florida,you said you dont use chemicals ,how
      are your bees surviving varroa?

      Sasha from Serbia