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1598Re: [TopHive] Top Bar Hives and the State of Florida

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  • jeff hartman
    Apr 9, 2009
      John Missing wrote:
      > My questions are: 1) Can I use the Langstroth boxes, but use top
      > bars instead of frames?
      i don't think just using top bars would work in such a wide box, but
      they do sell foundationless frames
      2) If I am doing that, can I manage them like a
      > Warre hive, adding boxes to the bottom rather than the top?
      yes you could, but why not just build some warre hives. they can be made
      legal in the united states by use of frames, or just do what i am doing
      and not register them. they really are the most natural and bee friendly
      hive there is
      3) Will the
      > State of Florida let me not use a queen excluder?
      no state can tell you you have to use a queen excluder
      4) How can I
      > strengthen the comb on a top bar in order that they can be handled for
      > inspection?
      using the lang boxes i would think you would need to use full
      foundationless frames, with warres you can use half frames or stainless
      steel wire like in roger delons warre hives
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