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158help,comb melting

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  • frogkailo
    Aug 1, 2004
      Hello,people I was today , after a rainy week , in my small 4 hives
      appiary,what I have seen in my strongest hive vas a tragedy,almost all combs
      have fallen down.Some tb have been prepared with a litle piece of cardboard
      that was diped in wax.The problem in my case is that I am really new with
      bees and I wanted to start right away with tbh.RIght from the start the bees
      tended to attach one side of the comb to side wall of the hive,they have made
      all the combs on the right side of the hive,the combs have been almost so
      high from the bottom of the hive to the top bare but only half of the tb
      (the right half) was with drawed comb.My mistake was that I had allowed the
      bees to do that .I had cut during my last checking of the hive, the part of
      the comb that was attached to the right side of the hive,and because of that
      I think my combs have fallen,the other factor was probably heat.I have seen
      that the waxed cardboard have fallen from the top bare.I know that some
      people on the list are in tropic regions,how do you resolve such a issue?
      What is the problem?Heat,not properly made top bar starter strip,the mistake
      of not reacting in time - taking the sllopy tb starter strips out of the
      hive?How to prevent such things?Can I use the fallen combs ,reattach them?
      Many thanks for any advice.

      Sasha from Serbia
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