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1454RE: [TopHive] Comb question

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  • Sarah Komar
    Nov 3, 2008
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      No, I am an organic beekeeper. Pesticides and antibiotic free. Maybe I will
      sell it in blocks.



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      The comb is brown because the bees have had brood in it. Nothing wrong
      with it. If you melt it down, you will get normal yellow wax.

      It would be a shame to make candles with it. Unless I'm mistaken, you
      haven't used pesticides or antibiotics, which again means that the wax
      is unpolluted. In some countries, it is hard to get unpolluted wax, and
      it is sold at a premium price.


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      Sarah Komar skrev:
      > Hello,
      > Some of my harvested comb is brown. Is that bad? Can I use the honey from
      > it? Can I use it to make candles with?
      > Thanks!
      > Sarah
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