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1402Re: Positioning of TBH in the Yard & other Considerations

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  • David
    Aug 17, 2008
      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, OOWONBS@... wrote:
      > >Someone brought that up as well on another board,
      > that the landing board isn't found in nature w/ feral hives & seems
      > to be more for the keepers need.
      > Cheers, David in San Gabriel Valley, southern California
      > I might argue that there is a landing board in nature.
      > But *we* think horizontal, while bees land on a vertical
      > surface, often. ;>) Some nice ones are at a 45 degree angle.
      > BillSF9c

      Yes, while on day hike last week, in local canyon, personally viewed
      a wild HB hive at base of burned out (15 years ago) but fully
      recovered oak. The bees were landing on the vertical side of east
      facing opening. They were going after wild flat topped Calif.
      buckwheat, & flowering Coastal sagebrush (Artemisia californica)
      amongst other numerous wild & suburban flowers not far away. Can't
      capture as in wildlife preserve & as spotted deer nearby in
      afternoon, must be careful of deer ticks,
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tick . Hopefully figure out how to
      upload 60sec video to share wild hive online shortly.

      Cheers, David in San Gabriel Valley, southern California
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