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1390Positioning of TBH in the Yard & other Considerations

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  • David
    Aug 1, 2008

      My names David Sneiders & am in southern California. Community
      gardening & basic wood working keeps me busy these days & now trying to
      help friend & myself set up a hive as been many swarms here in southern
      California earlier this Spring/summer.

      Just finished contructing my 11" bottom-width x 17-5/16" top-width x 11-
      9/16" height x 41" (exterior) TBH for friend. Has 10 - 1-1/4"x 16"
      potential brood bars & 16 - 1-1/2"x 16" potential H. comb bars. w/
      reducer makes 27 total bars (used reclaimed wood & some redwood from
      hive tops). I understood that making the whole hive available at once
      makes for challenge for bees to cool & or heat at first so is prudent
      to start w/ less bars at first & set reducer. How many & what
      distribution of bar sequence is good to start? Also didn't include
      landing edge on front bottom entrance as read hive beetles are more
      likely to find easier entry & skunks like as buffet board. Or would
      landing be more productive in your experience?

      In my excitement I realize am jumping the gun & first must get more
      details on location details & position w/ hive entrance consideration.
      Also its late in season & bees if don't luckily take up residence must
      go out & capture swarm which I've seen one advertized on Craigs, but
      not quite ready yet for, so hopefully someone near or more prepared can
      aquire if nearby to San fernando Valley in Woodland Hils:

      http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/zip/777919664.html .

      Gotta go make delivery, will check back soon.

      Cheers, David in San Gabriel Valley, southern Calif.
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