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1359Re: combining queenless hives

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    Jul 1, 2008
      >Anything else I should do? A TBH doesn't lend itself to newspaper
      combines, etc.
      Best regards,
      Beth in CT

      Well, lol, I am too stupid to know any better. I can see it isn't
      quite the same. But so what... You take a spare bar and use
      wire or 3 sticks, Staple cheesecloth cut roughly and a tiny
      hair larger than the TBH trapezoid. The side sticks and gravity
      will hold the sides in place and the btm stick ditto. Just leave
      1/8" inch so the sticks can fine their own angles. or fabric stores
      have piping with like bb weights for curtains. They would replace
      the sticks. You have a false rear? Split some soft vinyl tubing.
      Use it as a foam perimeter barrier. Cut a hole in the false rear
      and cover with cheesecloth/etc.

      What about lemon grass lure? Just thoughts... pending arrival
      of the other stuff if you can get it b4 the queen.
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