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1355Re: [TopHive] combining queenless hives

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  • Jim & Rebecca Payne
    Jul 1, 2008
      A nice spray of Honey Bee Healthy mixed 4 teaspoons to one quart of 1:1
      syrup will take care of any odor difference. It is said a queen or hive
      combine can be done immediately when it is used. Also good for bees to
      settle in a new hive,
      About $25 or less for 16 oz.
      Go to their site and they list everyone who carries it. Something good to
      have on hand all of the time.

      Jim Payne

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      Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 9:40 PM
      Subject: [TopHive] combining queenless hives

      > Hi all,
      > Please help with a problem. I have two TBHs, both are queenless.
      > How they came to be that way is a long story, and trust me, they are
      > not merely honey bound, and I am not missing the queens.
      > I am able to get a mated queen from my beeclub, but I need advice in
      > how to combine two queenless hives and introduce a queen at the same
      > time. These colonies are racing the clock. I need to get a queen in
      > there and laying asap before the field bees die out and none are left
      > to nurse the young (if it isn't too late already--again, a long
      > story).
      > I was thinking I just combine the hives by bringing in the combs from
      > the smaller colony, and spraying all the bees with a 1:1 sugar
      > solution, add the queen in a cage with a marshmallow plug, and pray.
      > Anything else I should do? A TBH doesn't lend itself to newspaper
      > combines, etc.
      > I appreciate any suggestions.
      > Best regards,
      > Beth in CT
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