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1150My experiences with installing nucs into TBHs

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  • wilsonryanj
    May 1, 2008
      I lost my only hive this last winter. I wanted to have a total of two
      hives. The only bees I could find close by were nucs. I picked them
      up from a commercial beekeeper with 1400 hives. He was not very nice
      btw. He joked about giving me really hot ones.

      I picked up the nucs in the evening of April 23rd and that night I set
      the nucs on top of my TBHS. The next day I went to try to figure out
      how to get them inside my hives. I had planned on removing the bottom
      of the nuc boxes and setting them on top of the bars. I cut slits in
      the bars so they would be able to go down into the TBH. However the
      beekeeper said he wanted his nuc boxes back, and his bottom was more
      than just one board. I thought if I took it apart I would probably
      ruin the boxes. I tried to fit the whole nuc box inside my TBH, but
      it was just a little too big. I ended up removing the 5 frames from
      the nuc and leaned three against one side, and two against the other.
      I left the nuc boxes on top of the TBHs so any remaining bees from
      the nuc boxes would find their way into the TBHs.

      We had a stretch of cold weather. Yesterday was the 1st day I checked
      on them. Everything seems to be doing well, except they are building
      comb from the frames to the top bars, and the orientation is wrong. I
      put some straight comb in the TBHs toward the entrance hoping they
      would use it. They are still clustered around the original nuc frames.

      Is there anything I can do to encourage them to use the straight comb?
      I plan on letting then finish up with the brood in the nuc frames and
      as the weather warms up they should start to shift toward the other
      areas of the hive. After they shift I can remove the frames and all
      the extra comb.

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