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103Re: [TopHive] RESEND (Varroa control in top bar hives)

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  • William W Watkin III
    Sep 10, 2003
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      In a recent posting you mentioned, "I observed an average of one varroa
      per drone brood - some none, some three
      or four - said to be a heavy infestation. Drone excision controled this
      sucessfully ...."
      What is this and what do you do? I plane to build a top bar hive this
      winter and try it for the first time next spring ...
      You mentioned that, "My latest hive design (a 30 degree vented Kenyan,
      similar to CK5) uses wood
      board construction in an attempt to use materials easily obtained
      commercialy in the U.S.A. The material cost for a complete hive body with
      legs and bars should be less than $35.00, plus whatever is spent on a
      roof. I will be publishing this in a few months.'

      I will be interested when it comes out.

      Bill Watkin - Massachusetts
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