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1001Re: feeding in a tbh

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  • Phil Chandler
    Nov 23, 2007
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      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "JIm & Rebecca Payne"
      <jimandrebeccan@...> wrote:
      > Listen to Gary n this one. At another place in a book or mag I read
      also that a mix of sugar, powdered milk and yeast can be used with
      Cocconut oil as a binder. Or without the oil and just left in a feeder
      > The yeast shouldbe brewers yeast and ground to small granules.
      > I am sure Gary has a recipe and I just thought this one would make a
      nice addition.
      > Jim Payne

      I would be very careful of using such recipes, which seem to be
      founded more on superstition than rational observations of bee
      behaviour and nutrition.

      Since when did bees eat milk powder, yeast or coconut oil? Even sugar
      should give us concern: Natural beekeepers prefer to give only honey
      where possible and everything else should be regarded as suspect until
      proven innocent, IMO.

      Phil Chandler
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