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1000Re: feeding in a tbh

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  • Gary
    Nov 22, 2007
      Here is a great example of feeding fondant

      In a top bar hive there are two ways to feed. Either you just put a
      huge piece on some waxed paper on the floor of the hive or you can
      build artificial comb from a top bar and #8 hardware wire. You simply
      make a comb shape from the wire attach it to the TB and stuff it with
      fondant and hang it in the hive fro the bees to move onto. There has
      been talk of problems with the fondant drying out, I did not
      experience any problems and I used the first method. The best thing
      about using this method is there will be a food source in the hive as
      soon as they need it in the spring, you really only have to peak in
      in Jan or Feb just to insure there is still some left, if not (which
      is rare) just throw another chunk in and wait until they are flying.
      Less intrusive, labor intensive and stressful on the colony!

      There is a thread on the topic now here:

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