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TB, Dealing with Difficult People 5/2

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  • Dena Gross Leavengood
    Dealing Delicately with Difficult PeopleFrom: Change Thrivers info@changethrivers.com Subject: FREE Dealing Delicately with Difficult People 5/2 Change
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2011
      Dealing Delicately with Difficult People
      Subject: FREE Dealing Delicately with Difficult People 5/2
      Change Thrivers
      Thank you for forwarding this announcement to your friends, and any woman you feel might benefit. 
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      Dealing Delicately with Difficult People

      Change Thrivers Radio Show
      May 2, 2011 at 6:30pm EST
      Change Thrivers, are you dreading going into the office because of Negative Nellie or Disengaged Dan?  Do you live with Frustrating Frank at home?  Our next Change Thrivers guest is Monica Wofford, MBA, CSP, international speaker and former corporate leader, a Certified CORE® coach and author of several books including The Type A Myth”, “Contagious Leadership”, “Contagious Confidence”,  and “Contagious Customer Service”.  Monica helps others to determine who they are, how to work with others, and what their own true gifts are. 

      Change Thrivers search for resources to bring all areas of their lives to joy.  We’re looking for insights that can help us perform at our very best.  Monica agrees, and joins us with tips and resources to understand why difficult people may be “different”.  She describes personality types of her CORE ® system- from Commanders to Organizers to Relaters to Entertainers, offering ideas on relating, working with and supporting these aspects in others, and possibly ourselves.  Difficult people often deflate our joy, bring down our energy levels, and require forcing ourselves to engage.  Monica’s team of companies have focused on motivating others to stay in balance, be authentically engaged, and completely contagious.   Monica has been a manager since the age of 17 years old, and has worked with companies like the US Mint, United Healthcare, FAA, Hallmark, Hormel, AT&T, and Homeland Security.

      Monica says “there is great value in you being you” and wants you, Change Thrivers, to live the lives you’ve been dreaming of, without obstacles.  Join us this Monday, May 2th, 2011 with your questions about relating to the difficult people in your life. 

      Can’t listen live?  Visit http://www.changethrivers.com/category/archived-shows/for archived shows when you are ready.
      Please help us in our mission to help women! Please forward this announcement to your friends, and any woman you feel might benefit from this program. 
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      “Writing Down Your Soul” Janet Connor
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      June 20, 2011
      "Emotional Exhibitionism: Authentic Expression as a Path to Health"Theresa Rose
      Archived Shows
      “Taming Parental Anxieties: Moving from Teenage Tantrums to Transformation” C. Delene Cole, M.S. www.DeleneCole.com, Certified Family Life Educator, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Parent Educator, chats with Change Thrivers parents about Taming Parental Anxieties while Parenting Teens.
      “Present Moment Living; Balance Emotions to Manage Stress!" Dr. Stephanie Stanfield, PhD and Doctorate of Theology in Energy Medicine, an expert in energy medicine, stress and stress management techniques helps women struggling through crippling fears, debilitating illnesses and overwhelming obstacles.

      “Go to ELF-Teachings of Eternal Life Force” How the ELF steps forward to help those who embrace change and allow for Spirit to participate in the natural unfoldment of our life experience. – Lauren McLaughlin

      Coaching for Change
      Are you facing changes that you find difficult to get through by yourself? Afsaneh Noori offers Change Thriving skills to coach you through making the challenges of your life work for you. Please e-mail info@... or call (813) 984-9718.
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