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Pin., Native Landscape Tour 9/8

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  • Dena Gross Leavengood
    From: Jan Allyn jallyn@tampabay.rr.com Subject: Native Landscape Tour in Pinellas County Sept. 8th Pinellas Chapter Florida Native Plant Society FREE Native
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      Subject: Native Landscape Tour in Pinellas County Sept. 8th
      Pinellas Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
      FREE Native Plant Landscape Tour 2007
      Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007
      8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
      South & North County Loops
      No reservations needed
      Landscape Yard Tour: Pinellas Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
      See what is possible when conventionally landscaped yards are transformed into native plant spaces that are environmentally and wildlife friendly. These yards have reduced or zero lawn areas, using less water, fertilizer and pesticides. They also provide wonderful habitat for birds, butterflies, pollinating insects, and other “critters.” The educational and recreational value of watching these wild creatures feed, bathe, and reproduce in your own landscape is immense. Talk to the homeowners and learn what inspired them and how they accomplished the creative changes to their yards.

      We suggest you choose one tour loop only:

      • South County Loop: Register and begin the tour at 5001 10th Avenue North, St. Petersburg. You’ll see 7 residential yards in St. Petersburg.
      • North County Loop: Register and begin the tour at 3082 Huron Avenue, Oldsmar (off of SR 580, three blocks east of bridge) You’ll see 6 Sites: 4 residential yards in Oldsmar, East Lake, Dunedin, and Clearwater; one store and one library, both in Clearwater
      A map and list of properties will be provided when you register, or you may download them here:
      Maps to Tour Properties  http://pinellas.fnpschapters.org/pdfs/yardtourmaps.pdf
      South County Tour Descriptions  http://pinellas.fnpschapters.org/pdfs/SouthCountyDescriptions.pdf
      North County Tour Descriptions  http://pinellas.fnpschapters.org/pdfs/NorthCountyDescriptions.pdf

      For more information contact: Bill Bilodeau : (727) 488-3163 : For more information about native plants and the Pinellas Chapter, visit our website:  www.pinellasnativeplants.org
      Goal: To introduce and educate people on the beauty, diversity, and economic benefit of using native plants in your home and business landscaping.

      Pinellas Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
      South County Landscape Tour
      South County Tour Descriptions  http://pinellas.fnpschapters.org/pdfs/SouthCountyDescriptions.pdf

      Site A Bill Bilodeau 5001 10th Ave N., St. Petersburg Front & rear yards. 727-488-3163  (South Tour Start and Registration)

      Located on an ancient sand dune which has evolved into a sandhill habitat, the yard shows a diverse assortment of dry site plants as well as a small hammock planting. There is a mixture of woody plants, grasses, and colorful wild- flowers. Some of the flowers that have become naturalized include: rosinweed, partridge pea, elephant’s foot, blanket flower, wild petunia, tropical sage, beach sunflower, porterweed, and scorpion’s tail. A man-made pond and stream are very effective wildlife attractors with a Coopers hawk a regular bather. Compost piles, fruit trees and a vegetable garden as well as a potting operation support the productive activities. The fiveyear-old landscape has a front yard originally designed by Bruce Turley and a back designed yard by the owner.

      Directions: Bill’s house is one block northwest of the intersection of 9th Ave N. and 49th St. N. It’s the fourth single family house west of 49th St. on the north side.


      Site B Barbara & David Howard 2829 Skimmer Pt. Dr., Gulfport Front & rear yards.

      Another Bruce Turley landscape, this is a waterfront property in a gated community. The front is partially shaded and has a showy planting of oakleaf hydrangea near the living room window. A very small patch of grass has been retained to satisfy deed restrictions. Royal palms are underplanted with Fakahatchie grass as are the curb palms. Very showy is a long strip of rain lilies bordering a path along with an arbor hosting a Carolina jessamine vine. The rear yard slopes down to the water where salt tolerant plants are growing: beach sunflower, beach creeper, seagrape, horizontal cocoplum, silver buttonwood, muhly grass and cabbage palm. In the shade of an oak you’ll find some nice wild coffees. A modest fresh water feature and a wood deck make the yard friendly for both wildlife and people.

      Directions: From Bill’s take 49th St. south to 22nd Ave. S. Turn right and go west to 59th St. S.; then turn left and proceed until you come to the entrance gate of Skimmer Point. Tell the gatekeeper that you are participating in the native plant yard tour at the Howard’s residence. From the gate go straight to the address which will be on your right side.


      Site C David Hastings 2944 Burlington Ave N. St. Petersburg Front yard only.

      This Kenwood bungalow property has small front yard and curb spaces which are partially shaded.  Plants include saw palmetto, shiny leaf coffee, beautyberry, Fakahatchie grass, Chickasaw plum, yaupon holly, Walters viburnum, and firebush. There is a micro irrigation system unseen to the viewing eye. Design by Bruce Turley.

      Directions: From the Howards go back to 22nd Ave S. and turn right. Go east to 34th St. S and turn left. Go north to Burlington Ave. which runs east/west between 2nd and 3rd Aves. N. Turn right.  The Hastings property is between 29th and 30th Sts. N. across from Seminole Park. Please park on the south side of the street.


      Site D Alison Ormsby 7th Ave N., St. Petersburg Front yard and curb spaces only.

      This is a corner city lot with much easement space between the street and sidewalk. Turning this possible liability into an asset while extending the yard outward was the challenge. Low-growing, widespreading, drought tolerant plants were the solution: beach sunflower, porterweed, beach creeper, pineland heliotrope, horizontal cocoplum, and pineland lantana. These function as ground cover, reducing the need for weeding, provide nectar for insects and butterflies, and add color to the landscape. Other plants of note in the yard include: sand cordgrass, weeping yaupon holly, white indigoberry, dwarf Walter’s viburnum, muhly grass, fiddlewood, marlberry, and dwarf Fakahatchie grass. This three-year-old landscape designed by Bill Bilodeau demonstrates how quickly a native planting can develop.

      Directions: From Hastings go back to 34th St N. and turn right. Proceed to 7th Ave N. and turn right again. Go one block. Alison’s house is on the SE corner of 7th Ave. N. and 33rd St. N. Please do not park on the west side of 33rd St.


      Site E Monique Borboen-Abrams 2601 9th Ave N., St. Petersburg Rear yard only.

      The homeowner is also owner of Art Du Monde art gallery. The back yard includes interesting and humorous art pieces in a native plant setting. Beautifully fenced and quiet with a covered sitting area, the space is a welcome retreat from city life. Plants of interest include: fiddlewood, Jamaica caper, maiden bush, Simpson stopper, marlberry, myrsine, bahama coffee, Fakahatchie grass, rouge plant, ironweed, rosinweed, seashore ageratum, blue-eyed grass and others. There is a beautiful coral honeysuckle vine on the fence. Landscape design by Bill Bilodeau.

      Directions: From Alison’s go east on 7th Ave N. to 28th St N. Turn left and proceed to 9th Ave N. Turn right, go two blocks to 26th St N., turn left and park immediately. Monique’s house is on the NW corner of 9th Ave. N. and 26th St. N. Please park on 26th Street and enter the rear yard from the alley.


      Site F Nancy Smith 935 14th St. N, St. Petersburg Front and rear yards

      The front yard here is in transition while the rear yard is charming with a native landscape designed by Bruce Turley. Several spectacular seagrapes immediately catch the eye as you walk beneath them into the backyard. Plants include redbud, Chickasaw plum, Simpson stopper, coontie, pineland heliotrope, upright native lantana or wild sage, St. Andrew’s Cross, grasses, coral honeysuckle, cassias, and seaside goldenrod. A bubbling water feature, a statue of the Buddha of Compassion, and an arbor with a bench swing complete the picture. It is a fine spot to entertain or simply be still.

      Directions: From Monique’s take 9th Ave N. east to 14th St N. and turn left. Nancy’s house is on the right side of the street just north of the intersection of 9th Ave. N. and 14th St. N.


      Site G Ray Wunderlich 1063 43rd Ave N. St. Petersburg Front and rear yards.

      The neighborhood is in an imposing oak hammock, and this property is a good example of a wooded setting with native shade plantings. Wild coffees, oakleaf hydrangea, strawberry bush, pokeweed, pipestem, southern magnolia, marlberry, myrsine, rouge plant, and many other species thrive here. Fine satinleafs fill two pots near the street. There is a rear pond with large and beautiful koi. A potting operation, with sunny growing space found only on the garage roof, is Ray’s way of generating most of the plants for our chapter’s monthly silent auction. Note the side yard compost pile and the two rain barrels maintained by this very green-minded chapter member.

      Directions: From Nancy’s take 9th Ave N. east to 9th St. N. Turn left, proceed to 42nd Ave. N. and immediately take Monticello Blvd which angles off to the NW. Proceed a short distance to 43rd Ave. N. Ray’s house is around the bend on the right side.

      Pinellas Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
      North County Landscape Tour
      North County Tour Descriptions  http://pinellas.fnpschapters.org/pdfs/NorthCountyDescriptions.pdf

      Site A Evan Earle 3082 Huron Ave, Oldsmar Front and rear yards. 727-515-9545  (

      North County Tour Start and Registration Site)

      Evan is a very enthusiastic gardener which is readily apparent when touring his large yard. There is almost no turf grass but rather a nice mix of sizable native and non- native plant species in a hammock setting. Some of the native plants include: saw palmetto, beautyberry, dahoon holly, Chickasaw plum, sweet gum, winged elm, red maple, gallberry, Florida privet, Carolina Jessamine, large firebushes, a very impressive yellow anise, and many more. This yard has been certified as wildlife friendly habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

      Directions: From McMullen Booth take Route 580 east and cross over the bridge from Safety Harbor towards Oldsmar. Huron Ave. is the third Street. Turn right and proceed to the address, the third house on the right.


      Site B Charlie Provenza 2006 Fisherman’s Bend, Palm Harbor Front yard only (Brooker’s Landing)

      This property is in a deed restricted neighborhood in which the owner is pioneering new attitudes in landscaping with grant support from SWFMD and the help of staff from Brooker Creek Preserve. The goal is to reduce water, fertilizer, and pesticide usage (think stormwater runoff into Brooker Creek) by reducing considerably the amount of yard devoted to turf grass and replacing with shrubs and trees. Native plants in the yard include: saw palmetto, coontie, yaupon holly, Simpson stopper, southern magnolia, redbud, pineland lantana, and spider lilies. Perennial peanut, a non-native ground cover, has been used to replace some lawn. Tom Levin was the landscape architect. This small demonstration yard is important as Charlie has had to deal with the neighborhood association in “pushing the envelope” of their restrictions, and he’s setting the example for his neighbors.

      Directions: Enter the Brookers Landing community on the east side of East Lake Rd. just south of John Chestnut Park. Turn right at the second street. Fisherman’s Bend is the next street.


      Site C Happy Feet Plus 28384 US Hwy 19, Clearwater Front and rear areas

      This is a significant “green” property. The owner was awarded a gold rating by the US Green Building for sustainable building design and construction, the first such award to a retail commercial building in North America. The landscape is also sustainable having 100% native species. Plant species in the front of the property include: dwarf Walter’s Viburnum, Simpson’s stopper, green buttonwood, wax myrtle, beautyberry, East Palatka holly, coontie, Fakahatchee grass, sand cordgrass, yaupon holly, muhly grass, sunshine mimosa, tropical sage, and rosinweed. The rear has weeping yaupon holly, firebush, pond and bald cypress, tupelo, buttonbush, southern red cedar, yellow necklacepod, and others. The vines coral honeysuckle, Carolina jessamine, and cross vine cover the chain link fence. Landscape design by Bill Bilodeau and Ken Benway.

      Directions: The property is on the west side of US HWY 19. From the Provenza property, take McMullen Booth Rd.south. At Curlew Rd. turn right and proceed to US HWY 19. Turn left and go south until you see the billboard sign for Broyhill Furniture. Happpy Feet is on your right immediately to the north of Broyhill/Hudson Furniture. If coming from the Countryside library go west on SR 580 to US 19 and go north to the first traffic light at Republic Dr. staying in the left hand lane. Look left for the Broyhill Furniture billboard. Cross the highway very carefully. Please park in the rear lot of Happy Feet, not the front.


      Site D Clearwater Library, Countryside 2741 SR 580, Clearwater Front and rear areas

      This landscape planted in September of 2003 was a partnership between the City of Clearwater and Pinellas County Cooperative Extension Florida Yards and Neighborhoods. The designers were Millie McFadden and Chris Klaus. It is a unique public landscape having gardens that are predominantly native. The front has wild coffee, oakleaf hydrangea, Simpson stopper, Ilex schilling, Walters viburnum, slash pine, and winged elm. The rear has extensive bird and butterfly friendly plantings. Tree species include: bald cypress, weeping yaupon holly, sycamore, Chickasaw plum, magnolia, redbud, redbay and haws. Other species: beautyberry, yellow anise, saw palmetto, coralbean, Simpson stopper, Florida privet, gallberry, dwarf wax myrtle, privet cassia, and wildflowers.

      Directions: The library is on the south side of SR 580 east of Countryside Mall.


      Site E Jim McGinity 542 Orangewood Dr., Dunedin Front and rear yards

      Jim is an environmental educator at Brooker Creek Preserve. His landscape is in the process of being developed almost exclusively with native plants. Lawn grasses have been nearly eliminated and replaced with plants and mulch. Native plant species include: Elliott and purple love grasses, dwarf Fakahatchee grass, muhly grass, coralbean, Florida privet, white and Simpson stoppers, firebush, beautyberry, myrsine, marlberry, rouge plant, pineland lantana, and pineland heliotrope. Jim is an expert birder and has created a small bird friendly stream in the backyard. The front yard has an arbor and picket fence supporting an attractive coral honeysuckle vine.

      Directions: From Main Street (SR 580) in Dunedin go west almost to the gulf and turn left onto Douglas Ave. Proceed south to Orangewood Dr. which is just north of Union St. Turn right and drive a short distance to the house on the north side of the street.


      Site F Laurie Bowen 1835 Chateau Dr. W., Clearwater Front and rear yards

      Laurie is a very dedicated gardener. She is an orchid collector with numerous native orchid species under a special lath structure. In the yard the native plants include: Walters viburnum, quailberry, fiddlewood, Tampa verbena, mistflower, dotted horsemint, rosinweed, pine hyacinth, spider lily, pineland heliotrope, ironweed, and twinflower. She has four species of native azaleas and an equal number of liatris species. A small pond with native aquatics and a bridge complete the backyard picture. Ask Laurie about the micro irrigation system that she herself installed as a water saving technique.

      Directions: From the McGinity property go south on Douglas Ave. a short distance to Union St. and make a left. Go east to Highland Ave and make a right. Go south a long distance to Belleair Rd, crossing Gulf to Bay and Nursery Rds. on the way. Left on Belleair and after a short distance turn right on Lake Ave. Go six blocks to Woodbridge Dr. and take a left. Go one block. The house is on the NE corner of Woodbridge Dr. and Chateau Dr. W.

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