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Tpa, FL Climate Change Conf 5/9-11

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  • Dena Gross Leavengood
    From: Doreen DiCarlo ddicarlo@ces.fau.edu Subject: Tpa, FL Climate Change Conf 5/9-11 Please join us for the first conference on Climate Change in Florida, May
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      From: Doreen DiCarlo ddicarlo@...
      Subject: Tpa, FL Climate Change Conf 5/9-11

      Please join us for the first conference on Climate Change in Florida, May 9-11, 2007 in Tampa, Florida.

      This timely conference will  focus on Florida identifying impacts and actions that should be taken to respond to climate change and offering the latest scientific findings.  Global, national, and state experts will share their perspectives with conference participants in both general and concurrent sessions. Click here for a conference agenda:

      Click here to register:

      Book your sleeping room at the Renaissance Hotel : http://www.ces.fau.edu/ccc/accommodations.php

      Thank you,
      Doreen DiCarlo, Conference Coordinator
      Center for Environmental Studies

      Climate Change
      May 9-11, 2007
      Tampa Renaissance Hotel
      Wednesday, May 9
      9:30 - 11:00 AM  - Welcome Florida Atlantic University and University of South Florida
      General Session
      Mohamed El-Ashry, Former Director,Global Environmental Facility, “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy” Ambassador Benedick, National Council for Science and the Environment “Montreal Protocol - Science Serving Public Policy”  Thomas L. Crisman, Patel Center for Global Solutions, University of South Florida “Florida Climate Change” Howard Hanson, Florida Atlantic University “Report on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”
      11:00-11:15 AM - Refreshment Break
      11:15-12:15 PM  - Concurrent Sessions
      Impacts & Responses
      Policy Issues
      History: Susan Glickman, Natural Resources Defense Council
      State Programs: Tom Peterson, Center for Climate Change
      Policy Making: George A. Gonzalez, University of Miami
      AB 32 - Global Warming Solutions Act: Nick Bollman, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, Florida Atlantic University

      A brief history of climate change policy and an overview of current regional and national programs. This session will also cover the economic considerations that must be addressed when developing policy and the various policy options for addressing climate change. In covering these topics the session will focus on Florida-specific opportunities for developing effective climate change policies.

      Moderator: Jim Murley, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University

      Historical Perspective
      The Interplay of Tectonics, Climate Change and Sea Level: Florida's Transformation over Geologic Time John Jaeger, University of Florida
      Reconstructing Drought for Central Florida: The Last 2,000 Years, Philip van Beynen, University of South Florida
      12:15-1:30 PM - Lunch (included) - Keynote Speaker Alex Sink, Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida
      1:30-2:30 PM  - Concurrent Sessions
      Impacts & Responses
      Policy Issues
      Translating Science into Action
      • Infrastructure: David Major, Columbia University
      • Construction: Ricardo Alvarez, Florida International University
      • Insurance: Alex Sink, Florida's CFO
      • Education (K-12): Glenn Thomas, Florida Atlantic University

      Moving climate change science into action in society--infrastructure design, construction standards, insurance, emergency management, and education.

      Moderator: David Major, Columbia University

      Historical Perspective continued….
      People and Climates Over 12,000 Years of Florida Prehistory, Nancy White, University of South Florida Lake Responses to Climate Change in Florida, Mark Brenner, University of Florida
      2:30-3:05 PM - Refreshment Break
      3:05-4:45 PM - Concurrent Sessions
      Impacts & Responses
      Planning for Climate Change
      • Water: Paul Trimble, South Florida Water Management District
      • Planning: Daniel Trescott, Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council
      • Florida Reefs: Phil Kramer, The Nature Conservancy, Florida Reef Resilience Project.
      • Health: Andy Reich, Florida Department of Health

      Minimization and adaptation in Florida; limiting negative affects and adapting to climate change. How do we respond to areas of concerns and what kinds of decisions should be made that include climate change factors.

      Moderator: Peter Merritt, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

      Sensitive Ecosystems and Components
      Exotic Species, Jamie Serino, South Florida Water Management District
      Climate Change, Coral Bleaching and Florida's Coral Reefs: The Canaries are Dying, C. Mark Eakin, NOAA Terrestrial Ecosystems, (open) The Realities and Opportunities of Climate Change Stephen Mulkey, University of Florida
      4:45-6:30 PM - Welcome Reception - Exhibits and Posters
      Thursday, May 10
      7:15 - 8:15 AM - Refreshments
      8:15 - 8:45 AM - General Session - Thomas Pravda, Advisor to Special Representative for Climate Change in the United Kingdom
      9:00-10:15 AM  - Concurrent Sessions
      Impacts & Responses
      Current Initiatives and Technologies
      • Energy: Florida Solar Energy Center, James Fenton
      • Energy: Florida Power and Light, Rayburn L. Butts
      • Agriculture: Farm to Fuel Program, Jay Levenstein, FDACS
      • Biogas and Energy: University of Florida, Ann C. Wilkie

      A look at current initiatives and available and emerging technologies for reducing anthropogenic contributions to climate change. (reduction of emissions, technological change, alternative fuels).

      Moderator: Barry Heimlich, Broward Audubon Society

      Evidence for Recent Climate Change
      Trends in Lake Temperatures for the Past Four Decades, Danny Coenen, University of Florida Modeling Climate Variability in the Southeastern United States, James J. O'Brien, Florida State University Sea Level Rise and Coastal Forest Decline Along Florida's Big Bend, Frances E. Putz and Kimberlyn Williams, University of Florida
      10:15-10:35 AM - Refreshment Break
      10:35-12:05 PM  - Concurrent Sessions
      Impacts & Responses
      Partnerships for Success
      • Federal: EPA, Climate Protection Partnerships, Kevin Rosseel
      • City: City of St. Petersburg, Mayor Rick Baker (invited)
      • Regional: Richard Owen, Southwest Florida Water Management District
      • County: Nichole L. Hefty, Miami-Dade, Environmental Resources Management

      Which agencies and entities are the most appropriate to address impacts on the natural and human systems resulting from climate change and how do people/groups/agencies work together.

      Moderator: Len Berry, Center for Environmental Studies(CES)

      Climate Variability: Initiating a Social Science Paradigm Shift
      • Elizabeth L. Malone, Joint Global Change Research Institute
      • Joyce Levine, & Jaap Vos, Florida Atlantic University
      • Samuel D. Brody, Texas A&M (invited)
      • Kim Knowlton, Columbia University School of Public Health

      Moderator: Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University

      12:15-1:30 PM - Lunch (included)
      1:30 - 2:00 PM - Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida: Steve Seibert, Executive Director

      Overview and Invitation to Working Groups: Len Berry, CES

      2:00 - 5:00 PM

      Three concurrent working groups will focus on needed decisions and sustainability issues related to planning for climate change. Using the three elements of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic - the groups will identify planning challenges related to climate change, as well as suggestions for addressing and resolving these challenges.

      • Environmental - Facilitated by Nick Aumen, Everglades National Park
        • Land use/development planning (coastal development, community design, etc.)
        • Infrastructure (utilities, roads, canals, etc.)
        • Natural lands management
        • Water supply and quality
        • Agriculture (crops, BMPs, biofuels, etc.)
        • Energy (alternative fuels, emission restrictions, etc.)
        • Planning for extreme events
      • Economic - Facilitated by Chris Walker, The Climate Group
        • Economic development
        • Emerging technologies and markets
        • Insurance
        • Costs of re-engineering infrastructure (roads, canals, utilities, etc.)
        • Business problems and opportunities
        • Education
      • Social - Facilitated by: Art Evans, Florida Atlantic University
        • Health
        • Housing
        • Disaster preparedness and recovery
        • Transportation/commuting changes
      Friday, May 11
      8:15 - 9:15 AM - 
      Reports on Workshop Outcomes (3 facilitators)
      9:15-10:15 AM  - Century Commission Overview; Discussion and Recommendations
      10:15-10:30 AM - Refreshment Break
      10:30-12:00 AM Building Climate Change into Florida’s Future
      Senator Michael S. Bennett, Florida Senate District 21
      Governor Charlie Crist, Florida (invited)
      Secretary Michael Sole, Department of Environmental Protection (invited)
      For more information contact:
      Doreen DiCarlo
      Center for Environmental Studies
      Phone: 561-799-8553 | Fax: 561-626-1404 | E-mail:

      Doreen DiCarlo
      Contract & Conference Manager
      Florida Center for Environmental Studies
      Florida Atlantic University
      3932 RCA Boulevard, Suite 3210
      Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
      (561) 799-8553 Phone 
      (561) 626-1404 Fax

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