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Hills., 2-1-1 Goes Wireless

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  • Dena Gross Leavengood
    MessageFrom: Debra Harris dharris@crisiscenter.com Subject: 2-1-1 Goes Wireless In Hillsborough County ATTENTION Hillsborough County Residents: 2-1-1 Tampa
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      Subject: 2-1-1 Goes Wireless In Hillsborough County

      ATTENTION Hillsborough County Residents:
      2-1-1 Tampa Bay, a division of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay,  Inc.  is proud to announce that several major wireless companies are now offering 2-1-1 access to their customers.  Cingular, Nextel/Sprint, T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers are now able to call 2-1-1 from their wireless phones  in Hillsborough County and be connected to our 24/7 call center which provides comprehensive health and human services information and referral, along with crisis intervention and suicide intervention counseling over the telephone.  Now, no matter whether you live, work, play or are just visiting Hillsborough County, you will be able to reach 2-1-1 Tampa Bay on your wireless phone!
      2-1-1 Tampa Bay is the nationally accredited, state certified (AHCA) and designated 2-1-1 Call Center for Hillsborough County.  We are "a safe place to call when life hurts" for everyone, whether they are calling us from their home, car, work, or wherever.  2-1-1 provides a public service.  Residents call us when life hurts and they need a safe place to call.  We are the gateway to health and human services in Hillsborough County.  We help the callers navigate the many systems of care in the County; assessing for lethality during crisis/suicide situations, assessing for danger in cases of domestic violence, child/elder/dependent adult abuse, and the list goes on and on.  The numbers show that domestic violence is on the rise...substance abuse is on the rise...mental health issues are on the rise...and people need our help.   
       To date, several of the major wireless carriers have readily jumped on board the 2-1-1 Wireless Project and programmed their wireless networks to allow customers access to 2-1-1With constant advancements in technology, wireless phones are fast becoming a primary choice of telecommunications for residential consumers.  In general, wireless phones are a growing market and we are finding a majority of our callers have wireless phones as their  sole mode of communication (replacing their existing residential phone due to convenience and more importantly, cost effectiveness of current wireless plans).  In addition, we are partners with local law enforcement (Tampa Police Department, Hillsborough County Sheriff, Florida Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement) who depend on wireless phones to contact us in the field, but may not be able to call 2-1-1.    All citizens must have access to critical services - wireless customers included.   
      We are hoping that 2-1-1 Tampa Bay and all of the wireless providers can work together to continue to provide our vital, life-preserving service to all callers, wireless included.  We are urging anyone who has a wireless phone that does not allow 2-1-1 access to contact the wireless provider immediately and voice your concerns.  Let them know that you want access to this much needed and utilized community resource today!  Together, we can make 2-1-1 Wireless a complete success (connection) in Hillsborough County!
      Please feel free to visit either www.crisiscenter.com or www.211atyourfingertips.org to learn more about our organization.  If you are working, or visiting Hillsborough County and would like to check the status of 2-1-1 in your residential county, please visit www.flairs.org to find out more!  Thank you for your time and assistance with this critical community matter...pass it on!

      Debra L. Harris, CIRS, CRS

      Director - 2-1-1 Tampa Bay

      Crisis Center of Tampa Bay                 

      One Crisis Center Plaza

      Tampa FL  33613-1238

      P: 813-969-4911

      F: 813-964-1564

      E: dharris@...



      "Dial 2-1-1...a safe place to call when life hurts"





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