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Tpa, Columbia Rest. Celebration 12/17

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  • Dena Gross Leavengood
    Columbia Restaurant Newsletter From: Columbia Restaurant Subject: 100 Year Congratulations Letter DEADLINE DEC. 10, 2004 - PLEASE KEEP THIS A SURPRISE!
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Columbia Restaurant Newsletter
      Subject: 100 Year Congratulations Letter DEADLINE DEC. 10, 2004 - PLEASE KEEP THIS A SURPRISE!

      November 15, 2004 



      TO: All FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES and CUSTOMERS of the Columbia Restaurant

      FROM: Sherry Sacino, Producer, Celebration of the Century, Columbia Restaurant

      Throughout 2005, the Columbia Restaurant will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary and we will be kicking off the year-long “Celebration of the Century” on December 17, 2004 when we open the Columbia Museum in Ybor City next to the restaurant.

      On this day, we will be presenting the Gonzmart Family a very large scrapbook filled with letters from the many, many people who have crossed the path of the family and the restaurant. This includes: suppliers, non-profit organizations, customers, friends, vendors, employees (current and former) and the many colleagues the family works with on its various community activities. Please feel free to circulate this request to others!

      We are asking you to PLEASE write a letter of congratulations to the family for this incredible feat of being in business for 100 years in the same family!! Please feel free to include any special memories you have of past generations, funny things that have happened, special events you’ve shared, etc. Your letter is your gift for the 100th anniversary.

      Since this is a surprise, please send the letter to me BY DECEMBER 10, 2004
      at this address:

      Sherry Sacino, Producer/Author

      The Columbia’s Celebration of the Century

      235 Central Avenue

      St. Petersburg, FL 33701


      Or send an email to:


      THANK YOU!!

      www.columbiarestaurant.com©2003 Columbia Restaurant Group

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