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Re: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: The Hobbit - Chapter 17 Summary

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  • steveseg@aol.com
    Matt asked Who are the five armies? 1. Lake Men 2. Wood Elves 3. Dwarves of Dain & Erebor 4. Goblins of the North ... 5. Wargs & Bats? (Aren t they part of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 18, 2008
      Matt asked
      Who are the five armies?

      1. Lake Men
      2. Wood Elves
      3. Dwarves of Dain & Erebor
      4. Goblins of the North

      5. Wargs & Bats? (Aren't they part of the Goblin Army?)

      Steve replies:

      Hi Matt. The five armies are specified in this chapter. The four you list and the Wargs.

      Steve S.

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      My question regarding this chapter is:

      Who are the five armies?

      1. Lake Men
      2. Wood Elves
      3. Dwarves of Dain & Erebor
      4. Goblins of the North

      5. Wargs & Bats? (Aren't they part of the Goblin Army?)
      5. Eagles? (They seem to come of their own accord.)
      5. Various creatures and magical types? (Gandalf, Beorn, Eagles)

      Matt West

      --- In TolkienDiscussions@ yahoogroups. com, steveseg@... wrote:
      > Two chapters prior to this, the seventeenth, there was 'The
      Gathering of the
      > Clouds." Here, "The Clouds Burst," and in unbridled fury! The day
      > off calmly enough as Bard, the Elvenking and Gandalf approach in
      parley, along
      > with seventeen others. Of course the dwarves see only an old man
      wrapped in a
      > cloak. At this point, I'm not sure that even Bard and his
      counterpart know of
      > the wizard's true identity.
      > The point is quickly reached as Bard offers the Arkenstone of Thrain
      > exchange for a fair share of the treasure. Thorin is outraged and
      curious as to
      > how this came to be. Bilbo folds like a deck of cards and admits his
      > culpability. About to thrust the hobbit over the defensive wall at
      the Front Gate,
      > Gandalf stands forth and reveals himself, demanding that the dwarf
      put Bilbo
      > down. Thorin then agrees to give the investing host the minimum one
      > share and it will be the burglar's. Well, Bilbo opened the door on
      that. He is
      > evicted from Erebor and joins those awaiting outside.
      > Though he verbally agreed to part with the portion requested, Thorin
      > actually buying time and sent Roac to tell Dain to come with "wary
      > Another day passes before Dain and his veteran dwarves arrive. They
      > call for a parley, in which Bard obliges them. Bilbo is asked to
      join the talks.
      > Bard is determined to keep Dain from reinforcing Thorin as, thus
      > he might renege wait out a siege. The parley fails and Thorin fires
      on a new
      > embassy. The stage is set, for disaster! Yet, the Elvenking counsels
      > patience and not war, knowing the toughness and valor of the
      dwarves. Plus, he
      > wonders if gold is worth the blood to be spilled. Yet his wisdom
      matters naught as
      > the dwarves of Dain attack without warning. No wasted time here!
      > Just as the two hosts were about to meet, the clouds burst in
      earnest. For
      > Bolg, son of Azog as attacked, leading the goblins of the northern
      > Mountains in a mighty force. Wargs and bats accompany the goblins.
      They had been
      > gathering in secret in order to avenge the death of the Great Goblin
      and by the
      > time they had grouped near Gundabad, news of Smaug's death reached
      > Even the ravens and Gandalf were caught unawares by this attack. A
      brief time
      > before the assault hits, allows the dwarves, elves and men to
      combine and
      > prepare a hast defense. And so begins the Battle of the Five
      Armies. The bats and
      > (later) the Eagles, don't count among the five.
      > Bilbo, sensibly, puts on the Ring as the elves lead the charge
      against the
      > goblins. Soon after the dwarves join the fray followed by the men as
      > straits became most dangerous. Just when things looke their most
      dire, Thorin
      > and company attacked and provided temporary relief. All this, Bilbo
      > from Ravenhill, surrounded by elves. Bilbo had decided that if he
      were to die,
      > it might as well be defending the Elvenking. And it seemed, ring or
      no ring,
      > the hobbit would die. The goblins numbers were too much and they
      > inexorably to victory. But then Bilbo spots the Eagles and alerts
      the elves to
      > their good fortune, even as an errant stone knocks the hobbit out!
      > Steve S.
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