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Re: The Hobbit - Chapter Six Summary

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  • Matt
    This chapter also introduces us the some of the Geography East of the Misty Mountains, including the whereabouts of Men and Eagles. I was amused to learn that
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      This chapter also introduces us the some of the Geography East of the
      Misty Mountains, including the whereabouts of Men and Eagles. I was
      amused to learn that the Eagles raid the farms of Men and carry away
      their sheep. I always imagined the Eagles as being spirits in the
      service of Mandos, and so probably not behaving like real Eagles, nor
      requiring sustenance. We also learn that Men shoot at the Eagles,
      something that I'm sure the Elves would never do!!

      Matt West

      --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com, steveseg@... wrote:
      > "Out of the Frying-Pan Into the Fire" is the sixth chapter of "The
      > Bilbo wanders on the eastern downside slopes of the Misty Mountains,
      after his narrow escape from both Gollum and the goblins, via the
      Back-Door or Lower Gate to (and from) Goblin Town. Dusk was
      approaching by then and soon enough, he stumples upon the dwarf
      encampment. Bilbo eavesdrops a bit on Gandalf and company before
      entering unseen, courtesy of the Ring.
      > His stature grows as he relates his adventures among the goblins and
      Gollum. But he does not mention the Ring... And Gandalf does give
      Bilbo a queer look, but nothing more. He does comment that "a more or
      less decent giant" could be asked to block up the goblins new entrance
      on the far side of the mountains.
      > The journey toward the Great River continues, sans ponies as they
      had become goblin-fodder. Camp is made in a clearing of woods where
      the party is beset by Wargs. So into the trees they went, with Bilbo
      being in need of assistance, which Dori bravely provided. It was their
      bad luck to pick the clearing where the goblins and their Warg allies
      meet when they plan mischief. So, the goblins were enroute even as
      Gandalf had fun throwing colorful bolts of flame on the wolvish Wargs.
      Panic ensues but no means of escape is presented.
      > Meanwhile, the Lord of the Eagles becomes aware that someting was
      amiss and with some of his subjects, investigate the commotion. They
      arrive shortly after the goblins who are amused by the Wargs
      discomfort but soon turn to the serious business of burning down the
      trees housing the dwarves, hobbit and wizard. And singing with gusto,
      they proceed to do so with great efficiency.
      > Just when it seemed the party was doomed, the Eagles swooped down
      and snatched them up, flying toward their haven on the east side of
      the mountains. After a brief stop over, they finally end up safely at
      the Great Shelf where Gandalf converses with the Lord of the Eagles,
      with apparent familiarity.
      > That night, the adventurers feast, with the help of the Eagles, and
      sleep overtakes them all. Bilbo dreams of Bag End, soundly yet vaguely
      troubled. Thus ends the adventures of the Misty Mountains.
      > Steve S.
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