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    Thanks for sharing that. I want to go back to New Zealand early next year. When I was there before, I didn t get a chance to see where the filming was done.
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      Thanks for sharing that. I want to go back to New Zealand early next year. When I was there before, I didn’t get a chance to see where the filming was done. This time, I am going to explore both islands and stay for a month J. It truly is an incredible place. Very beautiful and unspoiled.




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      Bag End From: Servo Kamen



      Bag End

      Posted by: "Servo Kamen" psycho_neko_king@...   psycho_neko_king

      Thu Aug 9, 2007 11:35 pm (PST)

      I found this article about Sir Ian McKellan arriving in New Zealand to
      do a tour
      as "King Lear", and it said that Peter Jackson invited him to say over
      at his place.
      Apparently PJ saved the interior construction, props and things used to
      create Bag End and
      has recreated the Bagginses' home on his property. According to the
      article, PJ offers it
      to his guests while they're visiting! (Wow, I wish I could just see
      Here's an exerpt:

      "Sir Ian McKellen returns to Wellington "
      By KELLY ANDREW - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 8 August 2007

      Sir Ian McKellen has returned to Wellington with plans to drop in on an
      old stomping
      ground - the hobbit hole at Bag End.
      The revered British actor, who played the wise wizard Gandalf in the
      Lord of the Rings
      trilogy, is in New Zealand with the Royal Shakespeare Company to play
      the title role in King
      He intends to catch up with old friends while in Wellington , and Peter
      Jackson has invited
      him to stay at his home in Wairarapa.
      "He kept the set of Bag End, which was Frodo's house, and set it up for
      guests with
      running water, so I'm going to spend the night there," Sir Ian said
      "It'll be the one the hobbits were in which made them look small, so
      it'll be big enough for
      However, he does not expect to see much of his host. "I think he's
      filming, so he won't
      have much free time.
      "We bump into each other on other occasions across the world. I last
      saw him when King
      Kong was opening in London . We e-mail fairly regularly. We're not out
      of touch."
      Sir Ian, 68, said he fell for New Zealand while filming The Lord of the
      Rings and was
      "absolutely delighted" to be back after four years.
      His last visit was for the premiere of The Return of the King.

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