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Of Turin Turambar - Part 3

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  • Matt
    Of Turin Turambar - Part 3 -For Gwindor s sake, Turin is admitted into Nargothrond to dwell in honour. Gwindor is reunited with Finduilas, daughter of King
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      Of Turin Turambar - Part 3

      -For Gwindor's sake, Turin is admitted into Nargothrond to dwell in
      honour. Gwindor is reunited with Finduilas, daughter of King Orodreth.

      -Turin does not allow Gwindor to reveal his true identity, as he is
      hoping to remain hidden. He renames himself Agarwaen.

      -Turin becomes very beautiful and is regarded with esteem by
      Nargothrond. His upbringing in Doriath gave him a bearing that made
      many compare him with an Elve. Anglachel is reforged. It remains
      black. He names it Gurthing. So great is his prowess in battle, he
      becomes known as Mormegil, the Black Sword. The Elves give him Dwarve
      Mail and a Dwarve Mask.

      -Finduilas' heart turns, against her will, to Turin. Gwindor releases
      her to follow her heart, but warns that Elves should not marry Men
      because of their brief lives. Gwindor perceives the dark doom upon
      Turin and warns Finduilas that loving Turin will lead to bitterness
      and death. Gwindor then reveals Turin's true identity to Finduilas and
      tells her of Melkor's curse.

      -Finduilas recognizes that Turin is not in love with her. Turin learns
      from Finduilas that Gwindor has betrayed his confidence. Gwindor tells
      Turin that the doom upon him is not upon his name but upon him, and
      that there is no hiding from it.

      -When Orodreth discovers Turin's true identity, he gives him great
      honour because of Hurin, his father. Turin continues to grow in might
      among those of Nargothrond. He does not like their stealthy ways,
      preferring open battle. Turin convinces Orodreth to go into open
      battle, to build a bridge over Narog for his army, and to amass arms.
      Perhaps here, the doom of the Noldor and the curse of Melkor are
      interacting; this is the only explanation for the rampant stupidity.

      -The servants of Angband are driven back East of Sirion. Despite their
      victories, Gwindor speaks against these policies, but none listen to him.

      -Nargothrond is now revealed to Melkor, but Turin maintains his
      anonymity. He is known only as the Black Sword of Nargothrond. Even
      Thingol is not aware of Turin's true identity.

      -With the servants of Angband pushed out of Dor-lomin, Morwen and
      Nienor are able to journey to Menegroth. She is grieved to find Turin
      gone. Morwen and Nienor remain with Thingol.

      -Gelmir and Arminas, of Angrod's people, arrive at Nargothrond and
      warn of Orcs amassing at the pass of Sirion and under Ered Wethrin.
      They bring a message from Cirdan that Ulmo has warned of great peril
      for Nargothrond. Ulmo warns them to close the fortress doors and no
      longer go abroad.

      -Orodreth is troubled by the message, but Turin does not want the
      bridge torn down.

      -Brethil is attacked and overrun. Handir is slain.

      -In the autumn, Melkor's host and Glaurung move across the land,
      defiling and destroying everything until they reach Nargothrond. Turin
      leads the charge against them with Orodreth. Only Turin's Dwarve Mask
      can protect him against Glaurung's fire.

      -The Elves are penned by the Orcs. Orodreth is slain. Gwindor is
      mortally wounded; Turin bears him out of the battle. Gwindor prepares
      to leave for the undying lands. He sends Turin back to Nargothrond to
      save Finduilas. He seems to both love and hate Turin, for though Turin
      saved his life, it is because of Turin that Nargothrond falls and
      Finduilas is lost.

      -The Orcs and Glaurung arrive at Nargothrond and Glaurung burns and
      wrecks the doors of Finrod.

      -Turin arrives in time to witness the sack of Nargothrond. The women
      are burned, slain, or taken into thralldom. Turin hews his way across
      the bridge that was the path to the downfall of Nargothrond towards
      the captives. He stands alone as Glaurung comes out of the gate and
      cuts off his escape to the bridge.

      -Glaurung greets Turin by name. Turin charges, but is held by the
      Dragon's gaze. Glaurung accuses Turin of being evil, calling him:
      thankless fosterling, outlaw, slayer of his friends, thief of love,
      usurper of Nargothrond, captain of the foolhardy, and deserter of kin.

      -Glaurung tells Turin that his mother and sister are dwelling in
      misery and want in Dor-lomin. Turin dresses as a prince while they are
      in rags.

      -While Turin in captive in the Dragon's gaze, the Orcs drive away
      their prisoners, including Finduilas, who cries out to Turin.

      -Turin tries to stab Glaurung in the eye, but the Dragon stops him.

      -Glaurung sends Turin on his way to find his mother and sister in
      Dor-lomin, claiming he is giving him a great gift.

      -Bewitched by the Dragon's gaze, Turin believes that Glaurung has
      spared him and sent him to find his kin out of mercy. Glaurung tells
      him to hasten to Dor-lomin. He warns Turin that if he tries to return
      and save Finduilas, he will never see Morwen and Nienor again.

      -Glaurung then begins to lay waste to Nargothrond, denying the Orcs
      their spoils. He casts down the bridge, then gathers all of the wealth
      of Nargothrond into a hoard in the innermost hall and rests upon it.

      -As Turin travels, battling a bitter, early winter, he hears the voice
      of Finduilas calling to him. Still he journeys on, fearing that the
      Orcs will get ahead of him and burn down the home of his birth and
      torment Morwen and Nienor. When he comes to Ivrin he finds it fouled.
      Finally he arrives at Morwen's home, but finds it empty. The servant
      of the neighbours tells Turin that Morwen and Nienor have fled, but he
      knows not to where.

      -Turin is told that Aerin, kin of his father, married to Brodda the
      Easterling, knows the whereabouts of Morwen. Turin bursts into
      Brodda's house, draws his sword, and demands the whereabouts of
      Morwen. Aerin tells him that she has gone to Doriath to seek her son.

      -The Dragon's spell then ends and Turin becomes aware of the deception
      of Glaurung. He is seized by rage and slays Brodda and all of the
      Easterlings who are his guests. He then flees into the wild as a
      hunted man. He is aided by the remnants of Hador's people. He hides in
      an outlaw's lair in the valley of Sirion.

      -Turin is relieved that his mother and sister have escaped to Doriath.
      He recognizes that wherever he goes, destruction follows, so he
      decides not to follow them to Doriath.

      -Turin returns from Ered Wethrin and searches in vain for Finduilas.
      He saves a group of Men of Brethil from Orcs. The men invite Turin,
      who names himself Gurthang, to come dwell with them. He refuses,
      saying that he is searching for Finduilas of Nargothrond. It turns out
      that these men had tried to rescue the Elves from the clutches of the
      Orcs, but the Orcs cruelly slay all their prisoners.

      -By her dying breath, Finduilas had asked to be buried where she died,
      pinned to a tree by a spear, so the men had buried her there.

      -Turin is lead to her burial mound. The men recognize Turin as
      Momengil, who is rumoured to be the son of Hurin. Therefore they lead
      him away to their homes. The leader of the people of Haleth is afraid
      when he realizes that Turin, a man of war, has been brought to live
      with them. Nevertheless, he aids Turin's healing.

      -Upon his recovery, Turin decides to hide out in Brethil. He takes yet
      another name, Turambar¬óMaster of Doom.

      -Turin protects Finduilas' grave, but uses bow and spear, rather than
      his black sword, to try to maintain his anonymity.

      Matt West
    • tea_party@ourbrisbane.com
      The inconsistencies and unexplained or undeveloped parts of the story are quite evident here. For example, why does Turin slay Brodda? Is it purely rage at
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 19, 2007
        The inconsistencies and unexplained or undeveloped parts of the story are quite
        evident here. For example, why does Turin slay Brodda? Is it purely rage at
        being duped by the Dragon? Brodda was actually one that was in league with
        Morgoth at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. Morgoth makes him ruler of Hithlum,
        and he takes Aerin, close kin of Hurin, as his wife. The part that JRRT does not
        make clear is that Brodda was a servant of Morgoth. You have to go make a bit of
        a leap to remember that the Easterlings in Dor-lomin and Hithlum were the ones
        who sold out to Morgoth.

        Why would the Elves are Nargothrond be duped into building a bridge when they
        have already seen so many of their kinsmen destroyed?

        It would have been nice to have had the deaths of Orodreth and Finduilas
        expanded. Both are only mentioned in passing.

        The whole thing with the Dragon's spell seems a bit too vague. It is handled
        much better and much clearer in the Book of Lost Tales.

        Matt West

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        > Of Turin Turambar - Part 3

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