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RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad

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    ... The power of the curse and the doom of Mandos are at work. The Noldor will always make the wrong choices and not be able to control their emotions. If I
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      Quoting Rob <fredwestermeyer@...>:

      > Maedhros, screwed by his own hesitance and the actions of his brothers. Had
      > his call occurred right after (or soon after) Morgoth broke the siege
      > perhaps a united elven army could have been assembled. Alas, too late now.
      > (Though short-sighted of the elves, IMO.)

      The power of the curse and the doom of Mandos are at work. The Noldor will
      always make the wrong choices and not be able to control their emotions.

      If I had been there, I think I would have put an arrow into the back of Gwindor
      before he even stepped out of the trees and revealed the position and strength
      of Fingon's force. If he could have been incapacitated before he blundered,
      Maedhros' tenuous plan may still have worked.

      Although, he was being distracted by that feint that Melkor makes to delay his

      > <<Melkor becomes aware that a plot is afoot, and so sends
      > spies and workers of treason. He has many men deep in the service of
      > Maedhros.>>
      > I'd say Curufin and Celegorm are in Melkor's service in a sense! They sure
      > act like old Morgy.

      Naw, I think it is the Curse of the Noldor and the hot and haughty blood of
      Feanor in their veins that makes them behave the way they do. They don't need
      Melkor to help them mess things up.

      > <<The Dwarves are the last to stand against the Dragons. They surround
      > Glaurung and assail him with their great axes. Azaghal, Lord of
      > Belegost, is struck down, but with his last he drives a knife into
      > Glaurung's belly. Glaurung and the other beast flee the battle. The
      > Dwarves then take Azaghal's body and leave the battlefield.>>
      > I always thought this was a particularly cool image, this whole exchange
      > with the dwarves. To me it is the most memorable part of the Battle.

      And, of course, a foreshadow of events in the Tale of Turin Turambar.

      > <<Hurin
      > urges Turgon to flee back to Gondolin to ensure its safety as the last
      > refuge against Melkor>>
      > It always struck me as odd that Morgoth was not able to follow Turgon back
      > to Gondolin or that their coming forth from the Hidden City didn't reveal
      > its locale.

      They probably used craft to slip away. Also, they enter Gondolin by a VERY long
      tunnel that is well concealed. I think Melkor could have followed them if the
      men of Haldor had not held the rear. He probably didn't see them emerge from
      Gondolin in the first place because he was too distracted fighting Fingon and
      Maedhros on two different fronts.

      > <<All that remains is Doriath, the hidden halls of Nargothrond, and the
      > Havens of Cirdan. To stop the raids of Cirdan's mariners, Melkor attacks
      > Falas and lays
      > waste to the Havens, slaying or enslaving Cirdan's people.>>
      > I always wanted to see Cirdan's realm in more detail. He's always on the
      > edge of things and talked about, but we never really get a chance to get
      > inside his realm, see his life, their way of life, etc.

      On the one hand it is cool to have these totally unknown people, but on the
      other hand, it would be great to see who they are, where they live, and how they
      are different from the Noldor and from the other Grey Elves (Sindar). Cirdan's
      people still claimed Thingol as their high king, but they lived under Cirdan's
      lordship, and communed directly with Osse and, to a lesser extent, Ulmo. It
      would be cool to have a description of their culture.

      Matt West

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