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Re: OT: Iris Murdoch & Flying Mammals

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  • Wilson, Bruce
    I haven t read all that much of her writings, so I can t really give a recommendation. Your public librarian might be able to help. There s an Iroquois Native
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      I haven’t read all that much of her writings, so I can’t really give a recommendation.  Your public librarian might be able to help.


      There’s an Iroquois Native American story about a Lacrosse game between the Beasts and the Birds.  Bat and Flying Squirrel were excluded, at first, from both teams, but Eagle, captain of the Birds’ team, felt sorry for them and let them play for him, and they scored the winning play.  (In some versions it was Bear, captain of the Beasts’ team, who took pity on them.)  The point, whichever version you take, is that the smallest and most insignificant person may well be able to make a critical contribution.  Which is very much a theme in JRRT’s writings, to get this conversation back somewhat on topic.


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