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7573Re: Email Attachments Disabled

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  • aure_enteluva
    May 4, 2003
      > The most significant change will be the appearance of messages you
      > receive from the group. Disabling the email attachment option also
      > forces all messages sent from the group to be sent out in plain text
      > format. You can still post in html with fancy sigs and stationary if
      > you wish, but only the text of your messages will be posted to the
      > group and stored in the archive. The paragraph formatting of
      > messages posted in html may also come out somewhat skewed in the
      > conversion, so you may want to insert some extra blanks between
      > paragraphs if you wish to continue posting in html.

      For you people using Outlook or IncrediMail or something else to
      compose your message: when you reply to a message, in some programs
      the old message is beside a solid bar, a graphic. I know that some of
      the time Yahoo will treat this like a graphic and delete the bar and
      all the text beside it. So what you're replying to may not come
      through to the group, just the new message you type, which can be
      confusin. To avoid this you can turn your preferences to "text only"
      as opposed to "HTML", or you can manually type (or copy and paste)
      the text you're referring to.



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