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  • John
    May 1, 2003
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      Well, most people do let the old messages go. I just happen to
      believe that many of them are worth saving and I don't throw things
      away just because they get old. I do think it's ok to clean up a
      list of messages that say nothing and go nowhere, but to just erase
      the past to me is criminal. But I understand that most listowners
      don't have the time or the inclination to concern themselves with
      this matter.

      As a Hobbit I have to keep on top of these things. Why, I even reset
      members who are bouncing on my groups. hehehe

      John the Texas Hobbit

      --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com, "Jack" <jack@t...> wrote:
      > Why not just let the old messages go?
      > I bet we don't often refer to something from 36 months ago - that's
      so last
      > century
      > Regards
      > Jack
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: John [mailto:johnjabberoo@y...]
      > I have no problem with it either, but as for my own groups when I
      > to the point where I am running out of any space in any feature of
      > that list I will just open an anjoining list and have plenty of room
      > all over again without having to sacrifice any of the first list. I
      > mean, there is no reason why there cannot be more space on these
      > list. If you can open another another one with all the room to
      > all over again then the room is there already to be had. Of course,
      > if a list is not actively getting messages Yahoo sends a warning
      > the list may be deactivated, but if you just delete a few
      > nonessential messages and then post a few new ones they leave you
      > alone. LOL
      > John the Texas Hobbit
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