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7546RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: Email Attachments Disabled

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  • Jack
    May 1, 2003
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      Why not just let the old messages go?
      I bet we don't often refer to something from 36 months ago - that's so last

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      From: John [mailto:johnjabberoo@...]
      I have no problem with it either, but as for my own groups when I get
      to the point where I am running out of any space in any feature of
      that list I will just open an anjoining list and have plenty of room
      all over again without having to sacrifice any of the first list. I
      mean, there is no reason why there cannot be more space on these
      list. If you can open another another one with all the room to spare
      all over again then the room is there already to be had. Of course,
      if a list is not actively getting messages Yahoo sends a warning that
      the list may be deactivated, but if you just delete a few
      nonessential messages and then post a few new ones they leave you
      alone. LOL

      John the Texas Hobbit

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