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  • dpadula
    Sep 19, 2013
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      I vote yes!

      "One does not read The Silmarillion; one either abandons it in bored disgust, or else one lives in it."
      Peter Kreeft, 'Afterword: The Wonder of the Silmarillion', Shadows of Imagination (1979)

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      How's that for a banner pic?  Will it work?

      - Morjuc
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      Digest #2417


      Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:16 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


      How about a rendition of Tolkien' s art work? there seems to be
      much of it on the NET....


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      Just thought I'd double-check that my reply in this topic (below)
      was sent out. I never got a copy in my email so perhaps it
      wasn't sent due to some temporary glitch.
      So, anyone want to volunteer to come up with a new wide-format
      photo/drawing for the group's banner?

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      With the changes to Groups, Yahoo! applied some default photos of
      their choosing so we'll need to come up with a new banner photo
      to replace it. It's interesting to see some of the default
      photos that Yahoo! came up with. In my fantasy sports group, I
      now have a photo of someone cycling up a rocky slope. At least
      that's related to sports though I've never run anything like a
      fantasy Tour de France league. It could be worse. I heard that
      someone' s prostate cancer group now has a banner photo of smiling
      young girl.

      If someone wants to come up with a Tolkien related photo for the
      group,I' d be happy to install it. I've been reading that the
      ideal dimensions for the wide banner photo should be 1020 wide x
      296 high at 200 dpi. The height can probably be greater though
      as I expect the installation will trim what it can't accept. I
      don't know for sure though as I haven't tried to change the photo

      I don't think the photos we currently have in the group's archive
      can be downloaded which is just one of the issues with the new
      format that Yahoo! needs to address. So if you come up with a
      group photo candidate, just email it to me. Thanks!


      --- In tolkiendiscussions@ yahoogroups. com, <jack@... > wrote:

      Yahoo have been tinkering.
      The new look is called Neo - sometimes you see it, sometimes you
      don't - I expect that gradually Neo will get the bugs ironed out
      and appear all the time!Â
      On 09/09/2013 21:09, morjuc@... wrote:
      I stopped by for a visit and everything&# 39;s gone and gotten all
      fancy! New layout, purdy picture at the top!
      We are making changes based on your feedback, Thank you !
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