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19571Re: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: Hobbit on Blu-Ray

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  • Ronn! Blankenship
    Apr 3, 2013
      At 08:24 Wednesday 20-03-13, Ty B wrote:
      >Well, I heard from my movie guy- apparently there are no immediate
      >plans for a deluxe set a'la LotR anytime soon- the rumor is they
      >will wait until the last film in 2015 & then release a big box set.
      >So apparently the dvd/blu ray combo pack (which does contain some
      >extras) is it for now. As someone who does not own a blu-ray player,
      >I hope the extras are on dvd...

      I purchased the DVD (here in the US) and it came with a whole extra
      DVD labeled "Special Features" which I haven't watched yet (on the
      wrapper it says "Includes 10 Production Videos) . . .

      . . . ronn! :)
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