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  • Jack
    Sep 1, 2009
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      Sauron's ring was the master - designed to control all magical rings.

      Even though Sauron was not involved in their making, Celebrimbor (the smith)
      had learned the technology from Sauron.

      The elves hoped that if the one ring was destroyed, the three would be free
      - but they feared that this would not be so


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      Thank you all for the clarifications. Now I have a better idea of what
      is going on.

      Still one more question: But if the One Ring has no great effect on the
      Elven rings, then why did Galadriel said she would diminish when Frodo
      destroyed the One Ring? It seems mentioned somewhere in the Fellowship
      of the Ring that the Elven rings derived the power from the One Ring or
      from Sauron. So when they are destroyed, the Elves would lose their
      grandeur. Beside, how is the One Ring is supposed to "rule them all" ?


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      > 4)It had effect on the ring of Galadriel. Frodo, being a ring-bearer
      was able to see Galadriel wearing the ring while others (i.e. Sam) could
      not. The One ring has no great effect on the 3 elven rings, when It is
      not worn by sauron considering that they were not made by Sauron
      > >


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