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19181Re: [TolkienDiscussions] Fellowship of the Ring Question

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  • DelennWen@aol.com
    Aug 31, 2009
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      Dwarves are immortal?

      Wendy E.

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      I don’t recall or know why Frodo’s sword breaks. Sorry.


      The dwarves did not become wraiths because their rings inflamed their
      greed and desire for gold rather than their desire for immortality and
      power which is what the rings inflamed in men.


      The dwarves are already immortal so the long-life capability of the
      rings wouldn’t affect them by turning them into wraiths as it did with
      the non-immortal men. And as mentioned above, the rings played on
      different vices/desires of theirs than they did with men.


      I’ve never been able to keep straight who had the elven rings.
      Galadriel had one, I think Elrond did, and I think Gandalf was given
      one by the master of the Grey Havens (whose name I forget).


      And IIRC the elven rings were created purely by the elves, Sauron had
      no part in their making other than that he had shown them the way to
      make rings of power, so while they had a downside, they weren’t
      directly created by evil and so the effects were less deleterious.


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