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  • Jack
    Feb 25, 2009
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      --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com, "REN" <ren@...> wrote:
      > Are Orcs and Goblins the same thing and if not, what is the difference?
      > Ren
      > Dogs have owners. Cats have staff

      Orcs and Goblins are like ARod vs Eddie Cleaver. Orcs from Mordor are
      like Orcs from Moria on steroids. Sauron has the biggest and baddest
      assaulting Minas Tirith (Orcs from Moria) while the minor leagues
      (Orcs from Moria) are guarding the outskirts of the battle. Ignoring
      the Balrog, of course. (Did he really have wings?) Hah!

      Goblins are little dudes, Orcs are the big and nasty dudes.

      Same species. Kind of like comparing the football team to the chess
      club. Still human, with a much smaller tolerance to Jack Daniels. Or
      Bud Light.

      >Dave L


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