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18637RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: Chapter One Comments

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  • Rob
    Dec 9, 2007
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      <<Once a book is written and published, it is quite hard to release a
      "director's cut" later!>>

      The Annotated Hobbit has alternate readings from the original edition and
      other editions throughout The Hobbit's lifespan. For the most part, thusfar,
      the original edition's different readings from what we have today (the
      revised version) have been little things. In the 1937 edition Thorin's
      parent and grandparent are referenced, but their names aren't mentioned
      whereas in the revised edition they are named. Anachronisms like "policemen
      rarely patroled in these wild lands" is just changed to something like
      "these lands are wilder with few inns or people."

      There are a few very small changes or additions in describing the lands the
      company walk through in order to make the geography more exactly in line
      with what is in LotR. One thing noted is that it takes the dwarves one day
      to go from the river Hoarwell to where they meet the trolls, but it takes
      the Hobbits and Aragorn six days for the same trip. Apparently Tolkien wrote
      some extensive revisioning for this, or wanted to, but it was never used or
      never done or decided it was not possible to bring them in line. The
      reasoning is unclear in the notation.

      So most changes thusfar have been minor. I expect bigger changes come
      "Riddles in the Dark."

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