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  • Jack
    Dec 9, 2007
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      Remember that The Hobbit was written before LOTR, essentially as a children’s book. 

      When it was a success, Tolkien’s publishers asked him to write more about hobbits.  And by now his children were older


      Once a book is written and published, it is quite hard to release a “director’s cut” later!



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      > Matt said:
      > Perhaps there are different classes of troll. Perhaps cave trolls are
      > rather dim witted beasts while woodland trolls are more advanced.
      > Steve replies: I've heard of this theory but Bernie and Willian just
      don't seem to fit in with "The Lord of the Rings." The turning to
      stone thing is rather unreal, even for Middle-Earth.

      Agreed. I wonder if he would have removed this idea had he done a
      complete revision of The Hobbit. The way that I can justify it is by
      thinking that the trolls were created by Melkor by giving life to
      rock. When the light of Valinor (sunlight) touches them, they return
      to their original form ... okay that's a stretch .... LOL

      > Matt states: The spiders in Mirkwood are Maiar or creatures
      corrupted by Melkor and
      > Ungoliant, not animals, so there is no reason why they can't talk.
      > Steve replies: I am aware that Ungoliant was probably a powerful
      Maiar and that Shelob was her offspring and the spiders of Mirkwood
      are offspring of Shelob. But does this make Ungoliant's offspring
      Maiar as well? And who did she mate with?

      Good point. I guess they could be likened to Luthien. Special,
      powerful beings that are not quite Valar, but are not merely Elve (in
      the case of Luthien) or Spider (in the case of the spiders of Mirkwood
      and the Ered Gorgoroth and Ephel Dúath) either.

      Matt West

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