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18612RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: Chapter One Comments

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  • Rob
    Dec 1, 2007
      <<In the Silmarillion, it is stated that orcs have live 'after the manner of
      the children of Eru'. That means that they were either Elves or Men at the
      beginning which Meklor/Morgoth corrupted.>>

      I believe orcs are corrupted elves. Maybe goblins are corrupted men (i.e.
      smaller and weaker than elves) or just orcs who have diminished.

      <<As for dragons, they may have bee minor Maiar whom Morgoth put in to
      semireptilian form.>>

      Since some Maiar seem to have inhabited trees, brooks, etc. I have no
      problem seeing them inhabiting reptiles with a little push from Morgoth.
      Certainly Morgoth's desire for "the secret flame" would seem to make it
      likely that he would be experimanting with all sorts of fell
      genetics/reproductive/evolutionary things in order to "create" life.

      I confess I don't see how it is that dwarves can not be said to have life
      "after the manner of the children of Eru," also. Despite their odd origin
      they certainly had to have had souls. I don't recall if their fate after
      death is ever described.

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