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18455Re: Wolves in Tolkien, European folklore & religion.

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  • Gustavo
    Nov 3, 2007
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      I never faced a wolf, so, I can't say anything about shooting it.
      Probably, a sword might be more efficient against such kind of
      enemy ... Maybe trying to shoot it would be somewhat like trying to
      hitting it with an arrow: it can be done at a distance, but face-to-
      face? ... 'Dunno.

      I don't quite agree about your reading of the European understanding
      of the wolf; I think that in European history, problems with wolves
      come out of some sort of competition between man and wolf, which
      didn't quite happen in the American Indian cultures, because men
      weren't urban.

      We shouldn't forget that dogs are species of wolves, and they happen
      to be man's best friend. Once you make friends with a wolf, *he* will
      be faithful until death ("Dances-with-wolves" essays to make a
      portrait of this kind of relationship being established ...).

      JRT did let pass something about "domestic lion", through Tom
      Bombabil's poems ... "Fat cat on the mat, kept as pet ... he does not
      forget" (that he used to be a lion ...).


      (Portuguese) America

      --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Chapman"
      <hawkworks@...> wrote:
      > The worst thing that can be said about wolves is that they are
      partial to mutton. But European folklore paints them as monsters, red
      in tooth & claw. This of course, is due to the European obsession
      with the cult of the shepherd god. In this form, they find their way
      into Tolkein's literature.
      > The north American Indians have a very different view. They refer
      to them as "brother wolf - the teacher".
      > Luckily PJ & co had an out. Tolkein usually refers to them as Wargs
      (Swedish for wolf) which gave PJ licence to create the hyena-like
      creatures. I don't suppose TTT would have gone down too well if the
      good guys had been forced to kill loads of waggy doggies! Nor would
      there have been many takers for RotK.
      > There are still people in North America and on the edges of Europe
      who shoot wolves. This is on a par with shooting horses, eagles,
      bears, tigers, elephants and dolphins/orcas.
      > L-o-H
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