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17968RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin

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  • Rob
    Jun 1, 2007
      <<Anent the Eagles, JRRT is very big on the autonomy of 'Free' peoples
      (Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits), so he doesn't have divine agents intervene
      until/unless his characters have done everything in their power to solve
      their own problems.>>

      I agree with Matt, though, that the eagles are a tricky device because they
      could easily solve so many problems, but they don't, but then they do show
      up as a deus ex machina when needed.

      I suspect, however, that if JRR had gotten around to final revisions the
      eagles would have played a smaller part in the Silmarillion. There are a
      number of ideas that JRR used in the Silm that he reused in the LotR such
      that a revised Silm would have had to either have repeats in it, or be
      revised to a different conception.

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