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17470Re: [TolkienDiscussions] into from newbie

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  • Kathy Main
    Mar 8, 2007
      Oh good! It must have been a sneaky hobbit playing a game or something then. I will watch out for Alan. I bite back however. hugs,Kathy

      Gary Bellinger <yesgaz@...> wrote:
      Don't worry Kathy, the group here has an orc filter set up. Part of the membership screening involves a mist you have to pass through. If you are not an orc, hobgoblin, nazgul, troll, mewlip, Easterling, evil dragon, warg,  or Neekerbreeker or any other sort of evil, you will pass unharmed. However, any evil passing through will become disoriented and wander forever in this mist and never come out and never enter the group.
      As for Alan biting......

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