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17284RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Next week...

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  • Jack
    Feb 1, 2007
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      The Oath is good


      I vote we go back to the Oath at the end of the book





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      Actually it's Feanor and the sons of Feanor that I'm most looking forward to!
      The oath! The ships! The journey! And then what happens when they get
      you-know-where! !

      Matt West

      Quoting Gary Bellinger <yesgaz@itcanada. com>:

      > I think that since one of the main reasons we are doing this is to help
      > newbies along that we can take a little lighter pace. The hardest part of
      > most books is often the first 100 pages or so. In that, Tolkien is no
      > different, and we don't want to push the new readers too hard. Don't worry
      > Matt, we'll get to Beren and Luthien and to Turin of Turambar soon enough.
      > Gary (voting
      for the slow readers)
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      > I think this is too much to get through and discuss properly. In fact, I
      > still have not read Of Aule and Yavanna. I vote for just reading Chapter 3
      > for Monday.
      > ~Debbie (slow reader!)
      > In a message dated 1/31/2007 6:00:23 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > tea_party@ourbrisba ne.com
      > I know our discussions have just started for this week, but for next
      > week, how
      > about:
      > -Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor
      > -Of Thingol and Melian
      > -Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalie
      > That will bring us up to the turning point chapter for the week after
      > that ...
      > 'Of Feanor and the Unchaining of Melkor'
      > What do you guys think?
      > Matt West

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