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  • tea_party@ourbrisbane.com
    Feb 1, 2007
      Hey Debbie,

      Thanks for reminding me about that! I forgot to comment on it! Why would such a
      being need sleep--and how does one define sleep for such a being. Maybe they do
      exert great engery in all of their endeavours--afterall, they do move
      continents, light stars, toss the sea, and grapple with other beings of similar
      power. I suppose expending that kind of energy might wear out a power. Maybe
      they just go unfocused for a while and regroup their energy.

      Tolkien does not give us a clue as to how these beings derive their enery. I
      presumed they fed directly off of the power of Eru's mind. But who knows! If
      they need to feast, perhaps there is some source of energy that sustains them.

      Maybe sleep was the only concept that the Elve scribes could comprehend when
      they wrote down the text after listening to the Valar tell their tales.

      Matt West

      Quoting whiteladyofrohan@...:

      > But, according to the second page of Of the Beginning of Days (page 36 in my
      > Houghton Mifflin ed.) "...Tulkas slept, being weary and content..."
      > ~Debbie
      > In a message dated 1/31/2007 6:14:07 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > tea_party@... writes:
      > As beings that did not require sleep, it is doubtful that
      > they would have thought about the need for a day/night cycle for the CoI.

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