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  • Gary Bellinger
    Nov 2, 2006
      As far as the 12 volume HOME series, I have volumes 1-7, 10 and 12. Some of the books are a little more tattered than most but to me that they are well worn means to me that they have been a great companion. To pay $4500 for the set is not necessary to my enjoyment or knowledge of Tolkien and his works.
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      I've always considered the 12 volume set to be a bit daunting and, as I only own volumes 1 thru 5 (in paperback), I might be more likely to tackle the Complete History of Middle Earth if, as you say, they are a compendium of the HoME series.
      As regarding cost, I recently found the HoME series, all first editions, available on eBay (Buy it Now) for $4500.  And while that would be oh-so-lovely to own, it's a bit out of reach for me.  OTOH, the Complete History of Middle Earth series can be bought for $70 to $100 per volume, which is a tad more doable.
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      1) I believe the "Complete History of Middle Earth Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3" are merely a three volume collection of the original 12 part History of Middle Earth series. They printed a really nice (collectible) 3 volume collection after all 12 of the series had come out. I think Christopher Tolkien may have done some slight re-editing of earlier volumes based on things he learned after writing the later volumes of the series. These things sell for a pretty penny, though, so if you have one or can get it cheap you're a lucky stiff.
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