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16647RE: [TolkienDiscussions] The LotR Tarot

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  • Rob
    Sep 2, 2006
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      <<Call it anything but magic, if it makes you more comfortable with the

      You are talking about the created, fictional world. I think the whole point
      of this thread isn't to try to deny that there is what we would call magic
      within the confines of Middle-Earth (gods living in mountains of iron or
      talking eagles sound pretty magical to me), but rather that within the
      confines of America, England, and Yugoslavia Tolkien would not be
      comfortable, philosophically, with the idea of people trying to perform
      magic. He would see such a thing as against the precepts of his church and
      personal beliefs. Hence our incredulity that a LotR tarot deck, if truly
      authorized by the estate, exists.

      Is that dichotomy making sense to you? Do you see the difference we are
      talking about? (I'm not trying to judge you or put you down, I am just
      honestly wondering if you are understanding the hair we are splitting here -
      or rather the hair we believe JRR himself is splitting.)

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