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  • Kenneth
    Sep 1, 2006

      Here's a link to an article I posted here about four years ago.  It's an interview with Joseph Pearce, the author of "Tolkien: Man and Myth" and "Tolkien: A Celebration".


      It's a very good interview which I think those involved in the Tarot card discussion might find interesting.  One point which Mr. Pearce makes is the following:

      There is very little of what could be termed magic in "The Lord of the Rings." There is much that is supernatural, but only in the sense that God is supernatural, or that Satan is supernatural, or that good and evil are supernatural.

      It would be more accurate to describe the so-called magic in "The Lord of the Rings" as miraculous, when it serves the good, and demonic, when it serves the evil."

      Given Tolkien's orthodox Catholic beliefs, I have to agree with those who believe that Tolkien would have objected to Tarot cards being associated with his work.


      --- In TolkienDiscussions@yahoogroups.com, "Pippin" <1kf.lists@...> wrote:
      > I'm not following.
      > JRRT defended having reincarnation in his writing (if I understand you), and he wrote extensively about a wizard using magic on the good guys' side and seeing stones and (in the movie version) a big perfume bottle from Galadriel that lights up in spider caves, but you believe he would object to a Tarot deck (which to me is certainly not a tool of the underworld) using his characters? I think he would have been delighted, based on what I've read (including a biography), and apparently enough people at Tolkien Enterprises agreed in order to authorize this Tarot/game.
      > By the way...
      > Tarot developed by Terry Donaldson
      > Artwork by Peter Pracownik
      > Game rules by Mike Fitzgerald
      > 'Dedicated to Gandalf--Long may his friendship be with us.'
      > I also don't understand 'secondary world'. Does this mean if JRRT had written pornography, it would have been OK with his Roman Catholic self, as long as the setting was Middle Earth?
      > Perhaps I will understand if I read his letters. At present, the idea still feels like reading someone else's private mail, but that feeling may pass.
      > Pippin
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      > Yes, but the magic & divination in LOTR are in a secondary world. If you will read the LETTERS, you will see that JRRT held that this made a difference. There is a long letter of his countering a reader's objection to his having introduced reincarnation into his mythos when Christianity by and large (and expecially Roman Catholicism) has utterly rejected it.

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