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16588RE: [TolkienDiscussions] Hi all! Here I am again :^)

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  • Servo Kamen
    Aug 8, 2006
      Or a certain immortal king who wound up on the bad side of a gargoyal.

      *wonders if anyone will get that*


      "Wilson, Bruce" <brucewilson@...> wrote:
      Are we discussing the real, historical King Macbeth of Scotland or the character by the same name in the Shakespeare play?  They are not the same person.
      I really don't know enough about Scottish history to say one way or the other.
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      I had noticed that, but  it has the same effect – the baddie is discomfited. 
      Was Macbeth a baddie?  I read somewhere that he was a very progressive, benign king, possibly with a bad PR agency

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