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16388time to come out of the shadows......

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  • loboskitten
    Feb 3, 2006
      I've been a member here for a little while now and I thought it was only
      polite that I stop lurking long enough to at least say hello.

      I've been trying to go back thru your old messages to get a feel for the
      types of discussions that have taken place here before I did any
      posting. There is nothing worse than a new member chatting up some
      topic that has been thoroughly discussed 10 or 10x10 times before.
      (Balrogs - Wings or No Wings..... LMAO) But 16,000 plus messages would
      take me til we were all old and gray..... well, ok... I'm already old
      and gray, but you get my point! LOL.

      I won't make any promises on how active I will be. I am an active
      member of another Tolkien group for the past six years. Until now, it
      was the only group to which I belonged, in fact. Some of you might
      remember it when it was still the fan community linked to the official
      movie site and hosted at Lycos. I've seen at least one name here that I
      recognize from way back when (JustKenneth - is he still around?), and a
      couple other ones seemed familiar. I am known there as PrismCat.

      Anyway..... I just felt like checking out some other groups to see what
      activities and topics were happening elsewhere. I've never been a fan
      of the bulletin boards and forums hosted on the big commercial websites.
      I was looking for a member-created and moderated group that was at least
      somewhat active. There are sooo many forums that were created during
      the great movie hoopla and have since gone belly up.

      I generally don't pay much attention to Yahoo groups because the format
      makes it difficult to easily follow a topic of discussion. But your
      group caught my attention. This is a nice sized group and you are to be
      commended for remaining together, viable and active, for three and a
      half years.

      I want to take alittle longer to look around, but I hope to make some
      small contribution in the future. So, "Hello to All"! I look forward
      to getting to know you!


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