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  • Ellen Lienhard
    Aug 8, 2005
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      Well, that would depend on where we are in the Harry Potter series when Peter finally gets to make his movie. He certainly would have to be well past Hagrid before he could attempt another role.

      I feel I must protest criticizing Peter Jackson for mistakes he may possibly make in the future if he does get to make The Hobbit. Let's wait and see what he does do and then discuss it. I for one look forward to his take on the story. I know his elimination of Tom Bombadil upset many people who regard themselves as keepers of the Tolkien flame, but I totally understood why he had to go. And, lest we forget, Tom is still there to be enjoyed in the book, which is to my mind the only thing that matters.

      Nice to see some activity in the group.


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      From: Jack
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      How about Robbie Coltrane for the part of Beorn?


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      From: Gary Bellinger
      I'm here too but have been reading some other authors such as Anne
      McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay and Mercedes Lackey.
      Trying to experience some outside of JRRT.

      Still, I can't wait to start moaning over the mistreatment of The Hobbit by
      PJ. I sure hope he doesn't shred too much of the opening scene when the
      dwarves all fall into Bilbo's house. And I especially hope that he doesn't
      cut out Beorn like he did Tom Bombadil claiming Beorn would just confuse
      moviegoers who are new to The Hobbit!

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