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15223Re: [TolkienDiscussions] Re: A thought concerning the 1st battle of the ring.....

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  • Darja
    Mar 1, 2005
      "Gary Bellinger" <yesgaz@...> wrote:

      > I may be wrong and can't come up with as detailed an answer as George but
      > think that the main reason that Elrond didn't force Isildur to destroy the
      > ring was that the action of destroying it had to be of the Ring Bearers
      > free will, much like Gandalf or Elrond or any of the other powerful
      > in the trilogy all refused to take the ring from Frodo or Bilbo.

      I agree completely. I think this thought (about destroying the ring freely)
      is going thru all the book. And even if Elrond somehow made Isildur throw
      the ring to the fire or kill him (and I'm sure if he killed Isildur and took
      the ring, he wouldn't destroy it, yielding the temptation to possess it),
      something worse would happen afterwards.

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